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Mixed Emotions

June 20, 2013

by Cash

[Written in the car on the way to the marina in Deale, MD].  

We are on our way to see the boat for the first time, and I'm excited.  Only Dad has seen the boat before, and that was when he sailed it in the British Virgin Islands, where it was when we bought it.   I know what the general layout will be, because we did a sail on a 40 foot boat with my Uncle and cousins, but I'm very eager to see the place where I'll be living for the next year or two.
We are hoping to leave in a month, but I'm not sure that will happen.  It all depends on how well our house does on the market.  I have mixed feelings about leaving later than we expectedOn one hand, the boat life will be awesome, and the sooner the better.  I’m most excited about the extra time for music: playing guitar and piano.  Also, things will be much freer.  I’ll be able to dinghy to land and go places whenever I want.  Plus, I won’t have to get up early.  My school will be much more fun, because I’m being home-schooled, and we can choose anything we want to be a school project.  

On the other hand, I’ll be away from my friends. I’m happy to be with my family more, it’s just that I’ll miss my friends.  Also, I won’t be able to play music with others.  I will do a bit with my family, but not anything with people who are experienced.  Still, I’m going to have a lot of fun on the boat, and I can’t wait.  Well, maybe I can wait just a bit more.