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The Closes


Husband . Father . Entrepreneur . Sailor
Greg spent many summers in Oklahoma from age 7 sailing a Sunfish on Lake Texoma.  As soon as he lived near the Chesapeake Bay, he crewed on race boats and  did deliveries before buying the 1960 wooden Sparkman and Stephens yawl, Nora.  He loves traditional boats and has crewed on several including the HMS Rose and the schooner Martha White. He is a professional IT guy and has started several IT companies, and he is also an avid off-road biker.  Greg anticipates that when or if we return to land-based life,  he will frequently need to "just check on something right out there just over the horizon."


Wife . Mother . Teacher . Creator
Paula was introduced to sailing by Greg and broadened her experience during their two-year voyage in the late 1990s.  She taught high school math and also developed and taught a Montessori technology curriculum.  Paula enjoys cooking, sewing, art, and gardening, but bristles at the thought that she lives like a 50's housewife. Not one to relax, she is happiest when taking on projects that require extensive organization and creativity [such as fitting all our belongings into a 10 x 20 foot storage space].


Son . Musician . Programmer . Wrestler
Cash is 13 at the start of the voyage.  He is an avid musician who plays guitar, piano, bassoon, and tin-whistle. He has wrestled since age 7 and plays soccer.  He is happiest these days playing electric guitar, learning 3-D computer modeling, and writing Minecraft mods in java.  (He hasn't mastered doing all three simultaneously, but he's close.)


Daughter . Reader . Animal lover . Tom-boy
Nicole is 11 at the start of the voyage.  She never met a book she did not want to read and devours several daily.  A tom-boy by nature, she eschews team sports but loves sport-climbing and can run, jump, fight, and nerf-battle with the best of them.  She has specialized in using our five-story backyard tire swing to induce parental cardiac events; we are considering shortening our masts.  

Ann said...

Hey, Paula, Greg, Cash and Nicole, this is Tony and Ann of s/v "StellaMaris"; we met you in Savannah (Thunderbolt), at Hinckley. We are here also at Herrington Harbor N. in Traceys Landing, at dock C-31. If you are still here, come see us. Office if close or we would call you - have mis-placed your number! Ann and Tony