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Sail to Oxford

July 23, 2013

by Nicole

Nicole inflating the dinghy
When we sailed to Oxford, it was very hot (it was in the high 90s), but it was also very fun.  This was the first time we sailed to a new place and stayed over night.  I like actually sailing, not motoring.  It's great to sit on the bow pulpit and feel the wind in my face.  I loved riding to town in the dingy and exploring.

What I like about staying on the boat is that I get a huge amount of reading done, even more than I get done at the house.   It's awesome at night, because everything is so quiet and cool.  It was nice to sleep out on deck.  The rocking of the boat also calms things down a lot, and I really like it.  

I can't wait to go sailing again for a longer time and to new places so that we can explore them.