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Too Dirty or Too Sharp

September 9, 2013

by Cash
It's been very hectic moving out of the house.  Especially after we moved all the furniture in a moving truck to the storage space, it's been very empty, and our brains apparently have not processed that.  I went in to the pantry to get a piece of gum, only to realize that we had packed that long ago.  I went into the great room to sit on the couch, and then realized that I had to lie on the hard floor, which I then did.

The night before closing, I decided to have some ice cream before we gave it all away.  I got it out, before remembering that we had no silverware.  My dad and I started looking around for something that could act as a spoon.  Being the night before closing, there was literally nothing
in the house.  The garage was full of things that might have worked, but the were either too dirty or too sharp.  I was just about to give in and use my fingers, when my dad found the solution.  I got a knife and carved a spoon out of the handle of a one-gallon water jug.  I then proceeded to eat my ice cream, and it worked quite well, apart from getting my fingers very sticky.
The finished spoon

Lisa said...

This is fantastic!

Also, Cash, is this you? I don't see who the author is. (I am reading this on my ipad, so maybe all the bits don't show up.)

Unknown said...

Thanks so much.
I posted this before, but it somehow didn't work, so sorry for the delay.
Nice catch, this is me. The author is fixed.