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Down the Bay We Go

October 25, 2013

by Nicole

Half of the Log    
Three nights ago, we sailed into Fisherman’s Bay to anchor, which is a small bay near the mouth of the Potomac River.  The first time we tried to anchor, it dragged.  We tried again, but it dragged again.  When we pulled the anchor up to try again, we found out why we dragged.  There was a large log balanced on the anchor right in the middle.  It was about 15 feet long and about as wide as a telephone pole!   We tried pushing it off with a pole. That didn’t work, so we got another pole and more people until we finally tipped it off. Even though it was a pain anchoring, it was a beautiful place, with a beautiful sunset.

The next day, we hauled up the mud-covered anchor and motor-sailed to Norfolk.  Unlike the quietness of Fisherman’s Bay, Norfolk is a very populated and modern city.  Norfolk is a big naval town, with gigantic ships at the many naval bases.  There were mostly aircraft carriers, which are about 1,100 feet long! There was even a hospital ship.  It would’ve been fun to see one of them leave and sail right past us, but, sadly, we didn’t.  When we were motoring in the channel we saw dolphins, and one came about a foot away from our boat!  It was really cool, but they left after a few minutes.  After that awesome experience,

we docked at a marina and settled down.  We met another family with four kids who were also sailing down to the Caribbean.  We had a great time playing cards and fooling around. 
While in Norfolk, Cash, my dad, our new friend, Montana, and I went to tour the battleship Wisconsin.  It was 887 feet long!  That might not sound like a lot, but it’s probably five times the length of my old school.  My dad walked back to our boat after that, but we kids stayed and toured the museum.  It was really cool!  We got to touch a shark.  Not one of the big ones, but a small one that looked like a fish.  The three of us walked back and went to a small park to eat lunch.  When we finished lunch, we wandered around for a bit, but then we found something to do.  We stood on the widest part of a lamp post and climbed high enough to touch the top.  It was really fun and pretty easy, despite what it seems.  After that, we spun around in circles until we fell down and then went home.  I had a fun time in Norfolk and with the people we met there.  

Aunt Lisa said...

It must have been so awesome seeing those aircraft carriers so close! When we went on a whale watch a number of years ago, we didn't see whales, but we did have a bunch of dolphins swimming and playing by the ship. They are so fun to see! I bet you end up seeing lots of them. Good luck getting a picture - they are very quick. Glad you have chances to spin in circles!

Unknown said...

It must have been a great experiance seeing those aircraft carriers. If possible, could you ontact me about what kid of dolphins they were? I am quite curiouse. Where are you going next? I hope you ave fun there!

-Matthew Granovsky