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Nicole's Tour of the Boat

December 11, 2013

by Nicole Close
Oriental, North Carolina

Some of you might be wondering what living on a 43 foot boat is like, and some of you have asked what ours looks like.  Well, I'm here to show you.  I videotaped a tour of the boat, and it's here for you to see.   Enjoy!

There are words you might not understand, so here are some translations.
     Berth = Bed
     Head = Bathroom
     Galley = Kitchen
     Hanging Locker = Closet

Boat Tour Part 1:
Introduction, Forepeak, Forward Cabin, Head

 Boat Tour Part 2:
Salon, Nav Station

Boat Tour Part 3
Galley, Aft Cabin

Pam F. said...

Great tour! (And great tour guide!) Thanks for showing us around your new home.

Aunt Lisa said...

Thank you for the tour. We have wanted to see more of the inside of the boat and this was a great view. I can't believe how many storage spaces there are hidden all over. You also seem to know the boat inside and out. I'm glad you have a good book area, too!