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Dolphins All Around

January 13, 2014

by Nicole
Charleston, South Carolina

A dolphin playing near Daystar
When traveling along the ICW, we have come across many dolphins.  Some go right on by, but some stop and play in our wake.  They don't leap and jump - they just surface every few minutes, but it's still really cool!  

Whenever we see a dolphin, we get a phone and try to film it.  Sometimes it seems like they are messing with us; we are filming on one side, waiting for it to appear, and it appears on the other side.  We go to the other side and start filming, and the  dolphin then switches back to the first side.

Dolphin range
It's easy for dolphins to get near our boat and stay with us because dolphins can swim at 10 mph, but can go up to 16 mph at times.  Our boat goes about 8 mph.
Dolphins like warm water - they live in tropical and temperate waters, in both northern and southern hemispheres.  We expect to see many more of them during our trip!

Below are a few videos we took of the amazing mammals. 

NOTE: videos usually don't work well in the subscriber emails, so you probably need to go to the website for these to work.

This video shows dolphins playing near Morehead City, NC.  
The second part shows the same clip in slow-motion.

This video shows a series of clips of a dolphin playing beside
our boat near Myrtle Beach, SC.

This video shows a clip of a dolphin that stayed near our
boat for a long time near Charleston, SC.