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A Blast From the Past

March 30, 2014

by Nicole
Vero Beach, Florida

It was a very awesome coincidence that some friends from our old school were visiting Vero Beach at the same we were there. Elizabeth is the same age as me, and Caroline is the same age as Cash. Mrs. Galbreath is friends with my mom, so they had some nice catching-up time while we played. We had a lot of fun spending time with them at the beach, at their grandmother’s house, and on our boat.

We spent all day long together at Humiston Beach. The water was cold, but once you got in it was fine, and it was a pretty turquoise color. The waves were big, so very fun to play in. We tried to jump over waves for a while, then took turns burying each other in the sane. We had a picnic lunch and walked to get ice cream. We played hide-and-seek in the park right next to the beach, then went back into the water to do some body-surfing. We had a really great day!

We spent the next day at the Galbreath’s grandparents’ house. We had lunch and played in the pool out back. There were two boogie boards, so we played a game where the people with the boards were humans and the people without boards were sharks. After hanging out in the hot tub for a bit, we dried off and went inside. We played hide and seek in the girls’ bedroom, which is actually the whole second floor. We had a really great time.

That night, the Galbreath kids slept over on our boat. Since we are on a mooring ball (like being at anchor), we had to drive a dingy to get onto shore and back.   We have two dinghies, so paired up and went on dingy rides around the harbor and played dinghy-chase. We taught Elizabeth and Caroline how to drive them. They did great, but Elizabeth’s only speeds were really fast or really slow!

We also swung on the bosun’s chair and played Train Dominoes, cards, and the Paper Game. The Paper Game is similar to the game of telephone, but on paper. The more players the better, and you can’t really play it with fewer than six people, so all the kids and my parents played. The game involves making funny phrases and drawings, and it is hilarious.

It was a great coincidence that the Galbreaths visited Vero Beach at the same time we are here, and it was wonderful to spend time with them. When it was time for them to leave, it was sad to say goodbye. I wish they could stay on the boat with us forever.

Dinghy ride

Pheroza Doshi said...

How lovely to read about your wonderful day together. You had such fun and a lot of catching up to do!