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Swimming Pigs

July 6, 2014

by Nicole
Staniel Cay, Bahamas

A popular place for tourists staying at Staniel Cay is a nearby island called Big Major's Spot, where the inhabitants swim out and greet you as you drive in with your dinghy. They really love being fed pieces of bread, and their young ones are adorable when napping in the shade. A long time ago, some locals from Staniel Cay dropped off a few pigs on Big Major's Spot, and they've lived there ever since.  

We couldn't wait to see the pigs when we arrived at Staniel Cay.  When we drove toward the beach, two large sows swam out for food offerings, which we gladly gave them. They would open their mouths wide when they wanted more. Once all our bread ran out, we anchored the dinghy and went ashore. There were adorable piglets everywhere, all napping under palm trees cuddled together. The piglets were so sleepy they let us pet and scratch them, all the while making contented pig noises. However, one of the sows wasn't too happy when my dad tried it with her. She snorted violently and bared her teeth at him, and he had the good sense not to try it again.

It was hilarious to see an eager sow try to climb into another dinghy that was also there.  Feeding the pigs was great fun, and it was one of best things we did at Staniel Cay.  

(More pictures and a video below)