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Cool Cave

August 15, 2014

by Nicole
Great Guana Cay, near Oven Rock, at anchor
(written July 13)

Going down into the cave
We explored a really cool cave on the west side of Great Guana Cay, near Oven Rock. Most people find this cave with the help of a guide from Black Point Settlement or Little Farmer’s Cay, but we decided to find it for ourselves. It was a little hard to locate the trail, and we missed the narrow side path to the cave the first couple times we walked by. But we found the cave eventually. It was really hard to see until we were very close to it.

Oven Rock on Great Guana Cay
The cave entrance was several yards wide and about six feet tall, but it was at an angle so it looked like a crack in the ground. The cave itself was pitch black, but we had brought a bright spotlight from the boat. There were amazing rock formations and some bats we upset by shining the light on them. There were also some cold and salty pools that were hugging the edge of the cave. We read that some people dive these pools with tanks because they are very deep. It was a unique experience!

Trail up to cave
Cave entrance hidden behind trees

More pictures below!

Looking up out of the cave

Dad going in
A pool in the cave

One of the pools

Looking down onto some cool rounded stalagmites

Aunt Lisa said...

We went to Howe Caverns which were lit by lamps they had installed, and there were mice walkways for all the tourists. The caves went pretty far into the ground, and at one point you get into a boat to go further. Then they turn the lights off. (They warn you first). I had never experienced complete darkness so profound that your eyes don't adjust ever. Btw, I meant NICE walkways, but the website or my computer won't let me click on the mice to fix it!