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Market Day

June 5, 2015

by Nicole Close
Fort de France, Martinique

Selling huge hunks of tuna
In most of the islands we've been to, there aren't big grocery stores. The most common options are small grocery stores (by US standards) or fruit & vegetable shacks. There are also specialty stores like butchers or bakeries. That's why most of the Caribbean islands, like Martinique, have a market day, where vendors can come to sell fresh food. On display are a variety of goods from exotic fruits and vegetables to spices to huge hunks of fish. It is easy to get fresh fruits and vegetables because the islands are so lush, and things like coconuts, mangoes, sugar cane, and papayas grow all over the place.

Pinchos (grilled meat) in Puerto Rico
Homemade ice cream in
In St. Pierre in Martinique, like all the other French islands, there is always a boulangerie in sight, where you can get French baguettes and pastries. Some locals also sell homemade treats like peanut brittle, dulce de leche, freshly pressed sugar cane juice, meat pies, and burritos. The markets also have local crafts and souvenirs, like woven hats and bags, clothes, and bowls hand carved out of local wood. There are also street vendors selling things like cooked chicken or pig.

Vendors and a flat-headed guy in Dominica

In St. Pierre, every day is a market day, though the market is bigger on Saturdays. We went shopping there, which is also a neat way to learn about a country, but on the side, we also took some pictures. It is much more fun than a trip to Safeway!

More pics below!

Sugar cane in Dominica
Loaves upon loaves of French Bread
Masisi, which is like a tiny spiky cucumber
These aren't worms, they're just fresh turmeric
Lots of fruit, jams, fresh-made juice and chutneys, and fish in Martinique

Spices, vegetables and fresh herbs in Martinique
I don't know what this is, but
isn't it neat?
Why would you buy flowers
since they grow everywhere?
See how big the Jackfruit is
compared to the woman's hand.

Unknown said...

Nicole - I believe that one vegetable is called Romanesco broccoli. It is used in some math textbooks as an example of a fractal. I have never seen fresh turmeric before. I love food markets!