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The Ultimate Going Out

June 10, 2015

by Greg
Sainte Anne, Martinique

In pre-school through elementary, our kids attended Montessori school. There are many great things about Montessori school. It is highly individualized learning: each student goes at his or her own pace and according to his or her own interests. It also mixes kids of all ages so as to allow students to act as teachers of the material they have learned.

Maria Montessori, who developed the Montessori program, also developed the idea of a "Going Out." A Going Out lets children go beyond the limits of the classroom to pursue their interests and test their classroom learning in the real world.

We consider the cruising that we are doing now to be the ultimate "going out". Paula has written an article about this that was published in the Summer 2015 edition of the magazine "Montessori Life" entitled

   The Ultimate Going Out
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Cover shot is below.  Click here for an excerpt from the article.

Ann said...

Wonderful article!! Hope all is well. Ann and Tony, s/v Stella Maris,
Now back in the Chesapeake!