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Hiking Grenada: Concord Falls

October 4, 2015

By Cash
At anchor, Mt. Hartman Bay, Grenada

Many of the Caribbean islands we have been to have natural, freshwater waterfalls. We have visited many of them, and one of them was Concord Falls, in Grenada.

Concord Falls is actually three waterfalls. Most tourists go to the first one, which consists of a walk down a flight of concrete stairs. We chose to go to one of the other ones, accessible by a hike through the forest, and it was well worth it. We were the only ones there, and the waterfall was spectacular. The waterfall and pool below it were in a clearing of trees, so if one looked up, one could see the trees all around you. The water itself came rushing down a rocky cliff, pouring into a large pool.

As one does when visiting a waterfall, we all swam in the naturally-formed pool under it. The water is freezing-cold, and it's not unusual to hear screams of people getting in the water.

When we got back to the parking area, our bus driver, who was supposed to pick us up, was not there. To pass the time, the kids got together and played a whole bunch of games, including red light - green light.

After waiting for two hours, we started walking back down the mountain. There we came across a group of workers tarring the road. They were tarring almost the whole width of the road, so that no cars could pass either way. We walked around the tarring and continued down the mountain. Soon after, we met up with our bus driver, who was driving up the mountain to pick us up.

These guys tarred the entire width of the
road so cars could not pass until it dried.

There were five more of us and a
dog in the back row.

One of the great aspects of cruising life is that we have such a flexible, relaxed schedule. Our bus driver was two hours late, but nobody cared. This allowed us to play some games we hadn't played in a long, long time.

In my opinion, waterfall hikes are one of the best kinds of island exploration that we do. Not only do we get to go on a fun hike along a river, we get to experience the beauty of the falls and get to swim in the ice-cold water. We're very lucky that we can move around so easily, in a place where natural waterfalls are so abundant.

 Someone jumped from the top of the first waterfall:

Playing around in the water:

A game of Red Light - Green Light:

Locals flying a kite made out of string and a cocoa leaf