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Halloween, Caribbean Style

November 7, 2015

By Nicole
At anchor, Mt.Hartman Bay, Grenada

Halloween is different in the Caribbean. It isn’t a widely-celebrated holiday on many islands, so even though the locals don’t celebrate it, the cruisers still do. Some people had costumes on their boats, or ordered them from the states, but most costumes have to be homemade. Cash was a punk rocker and I was a jellyfish.

Trick-or-treating is different, too. Instead of walking from house to house, we have to dingy to each boat to get candy.

There were two Halloween parties this year, hosted by the Secret Harbor marina restaurant – an adults’ party and a
kids’ party. Most of the older kids helped run the activities and games at the kids’ party. I helped out at the dart throwing station, and Cash helped out with the fishing for candy station.

The adult party was a fun night of dancing, complete with bubbles.

They brought the bubble machine into the bar for the adult party!

Lots of dancing, even by the kitchen staff.

Halloween is different here, but still just as fun, even though everybody’s face paint melted in the heat.

Halloween isn't complete without a rainbow over the water.