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Tump da Roof

November 2, 2015

by Cash
At anchor, Mt. Hartman Bay, Grenada

Recently, Nicole wrote about our Friday shopping trips. We have gotten to the point where so many kids are going that we have to rent our own bus so as not to clog up the buses for everyone else. The driver of this kids' bus is a crazy, nice, and fun guy named Max No-Tax. Max normally drives local kids to school.

He's a very fun guy, and the two times we have ridden with him, he's started singing "If You're Happy and You Know It." I got a video of this, and it's down below.

This video a good example of the accent of the locals here and all around Caribbean. If we were happy, we were supposed to "tump da roof" (thump the roof).

Since everyone is leaving Grenada in the immediate future, this last shopping bus day was likely the last one we will go on. We had only ridden with him twice, but Max was saying how we were a great group and how he was going to miss us. He's got a very happy, fun attitude, and he made the bus rides more enjoyable.