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Cipher Bunny

March 28, 2016

by Greg
At anchor, French Lagoon, St. Martin

I don't really think our kids ever believed in the Easter Bunny. If they did, it wasn't for long. It didn't make sense to them from the beginning, and we certainly didn't lie to them when they asked directly about it. But of course they still loved Easter egg hunts.

As they've gotten older, Paula has modified the tradition to keep it interesting. Now each egg contains one or more paper scraps, each with a letter written on it. The letters fit into a word scramble that it usually a combination of rhyme and puzzle or riddle. The answer to the puzzle or riddle leads to the Easter treats.

Finished puzzle is below!

In case you have trouble reading this, here it is:
I live beneath the bluest sea.
I have two fins that carry me.
Along the currents of the reef,
Whose fish I nibble with my feet.
I have two ears which are quite long
that hear the whale in mournful song.
My tail is where it should be found,
but it is flat, not soft or round.
I dine on fish but long for honey.
My name is merely AquaBunny.
Today I give you both a treat
Hidden near your sleeping feet.

Easter chocolate

Here is AquaBunny, of the genus Leporidae Aqua.