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An Island is Coming

July 29, 2016

by Nicole and Paula
Tracy's Landing, Maryland

It was just another normal cruising day in Suriname. But it was Sunday, so the square in the normally sleepy little town of Domburg was filled with loud music and people.

We were moored in the Suriname river just off the Marina Suriname, and spending our Sunday getting caught up on schoolwork.
The River Breeze at Suriname Marina is fantastic!

A pool and floating docks - it was like a miracle after the places we had just been!
Cruising sailor Gaby spent some time
managing the Suriname Marina.

We were all down below in Daystar when we heard Gaby, the manager of the marina, calling to us from his dinghy outside our boat. Gaby, a hardworking and energetic Dutch guy, did a great job taking care of Marina Suriname. If he showed up outside Daystar, then it was important.

We all went up to the cockpit to see what he wanted, and he said, "An island is coming."


We were very confused, but we soon found out what he was talking about. Watch this video to find out: