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Day-Sail with Friends

July 28, 2013

by Nicole

I was excited to sail today because we took along my friend, Matthew, from school.  We had a fun time sitting on the very bow of the boat and sitting on the side and letting our feet skim the top of the water.  It was a blast when the wake from a fast motorboat hit our boat and the water went up to our thighs.

I love climbing the mast even though I'm not allowed to go to the top yet.  I discovered a great new spot on the boat today; I can sit in the stack pack on the furled mainsail.  It's a cozy place to read or sit and relax.

Matthew thought sailing was amazing and wanted to do it again soon.  It's fun sailing with other people, and I can't wait to have someone else over soon.  I love sailing and can’t believe we're going to do it for a year.  I can’t wait to be in the Caribbean.  It’s been so fun today!

Unknown said...

Everything in this entry is true. I know because I, the Matthew Nicole speaks of, is writting this comment. I anyone reads this that I reccomend that you go sailing some time it is a blast.