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Sail to Gibson Island

August 2, 2013

by Cash

We just finished a  three-day visit to Gibson Island to see Bob and Trish Johnson, friends of my dad’s.  Gibson Island is a small island north of Annapolis with many big houses.  The sail up was not that eventful; I just did the same things I always do and relaxed.  When we arrived, we docked alongside a pier at the Gibson Island Yacht Squadron, and it went very well.  

We planned to anchor but were invited to dock.
We headed up to Bob and Trish’s house and had dinner there.  They’re very nice people, and it was fun talking to them.  They have a big tree stump in the middle of their patio, which they varnished and topped with a piece of glass.  It’s really cool.  The next day, we decided to stay for one more stay and look around the island.  

The clubhouse of the Gibson Island Yacht Squadron had an old harpsichord.  The low keys were piano keys, and the high ones were harpsichord keys.  It hadn’t been tuned since 1993, and the keys stuck.  It wasn’t the best instrument,  but it was very fun to play.  It took a while for everyone to wake up, but when we were all ready we took a walk down to the point of the island with Bob and Trish.  Nicole played in the sand and waded out on the sandbar with Dad, and the rest of us hung around and talked.  It was a tiring walk back.  We hung out at the boat for the rest of the
day.  That night we went out to a Mexican place off of the island with Bob, Trish, and their granddaughter.   

We sailed back the next day and had to sail close-hauled because of the direction of the wind.  It made the trip longer and the boat slower.  I was hauling on the lines so hard that some of my skin ripped off.  I put on a band-aid and found gloves, and that felt much better.  

The Gibson Island trip was very fun, and I think it was more like what we will do later on, in the Caribbean.  We won't sail most of the time; most of it will be spent on the islands.  I can’t wait to go the Caribbean.  Well, yes I can -- it’s hot down there.  And its hurricane season right now.  Some of my friends just got back from vacation, so we’ll have them on the boat soon.  I’m looking forward to that.  The Gibson Island trip was great, and I hope we do more like that soon.