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Sail to Gibson Island

August 2, 2013

by Nicole

Sailing to Gibson Island was the best trip so far.  I think it’s a blast sailing to different places and staying there for a while, or even just a day.   
Bay Bridge!

It was awesome at Gibson Island.  I think that it would be cool to live there when we get back from our trip.  I would be fun, especially if we lived by the point of the island, where there are a bunch of short beaches separated by rock mounds that extend into the water.  It was a lot of fun visiting our friends there, too.  I liked having dinner with them and playing on the awesome beach near their house, where someone before me had dug a giant hole.  

I saw a water snake at the point, and learned a fun new type of solitaire.  It is really cool, and I spent a lot of time playing it on the boat.  

Sailing was amazing, and I loved it.  It’s always a blast.  I can’t wait to go again and see yet another new place or a place I haven’t seen in a while.  I’m very excited to do this for a whole year.  I can’t wait, although it stinks that we can’t bring a bike or two, because it would be fun to explore new places by bike.  I’m also glad that I will get to spend so much time with my family, which I don’t get to do during the week because of school. It's amazing to sail, and I love it every time.