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A Culebra New Year's Eve

March 4, 2015

by Cash
At anchor, Culebra, Puerto Rico

(from our backlog of posts... we are currently in St. Martin)

We were told that New Year’s Eve was a big deal in Culebra, Puerto Rico.  And it was.  It seemed like everyone was out partying, and we had a rocking time.

Culebra is a small island off the east coast of Puerto Rico.  It’s a tourist town, so there are usually one or two ferry loads of people on the island.  On New Year’s Eve, however, the town was completely packed with both locals and tourists.  The Dinghy Dock, a restaurant on the water, had a 2 hour waiting list to even sit down.

The place to be was on the street in front of the ferry dock.  The street was absolutely packed with people.  A short while after dark, a band started playing on a large stage; three bands played that night.  People were setting firecrackers off in the street, and a lady was selling small hot air balloons.  These were paper balloons about four feet in height.  People set them off all through the night.  To see the balloons in action, see the first video below.

The last band was a lot of fun and was very interactive with the crowd.  When the countdown to midnight came, they kept a beat going and afterward played a fast Puerto Rican version of Auld Lang Syne.  There was also an impressive fireworks show.  The fireworks were launched so that they exploded directly over us.  The second video below shows clips of our time throughout the night, including the band, the countdown, and the fireworks.

It was fun to experience a different country’s New Year’s Eve.  We had a great time.

Videos below...

The mini hot air balloons:

The overall view of the night:

sv.Slowdown said...

Great blog Cash! So that's what happened AFTER we went back to our boat (party poopers). We miss you guys. We are in Antigua. Ed & Cheryl.