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A Magical Place

October 20, 2015

by Nicole
At anchor, Mt. Hartman Bay, Grenada

A little while ago, I had the chance to explore an amazing and magical place, high up in the mountains where a lovely breeze is always blowing. The place is Jenny's farm. Jenny is a British ex-pat who has been living in Grenada for 16 years. She grows fresh produce on her farm and sells it to cruisers. She also started her own organization for helping animals in Grenada. She invited a bunch of cruisers to come to a potluck lunch on her farm.

On her farm, Jenny has five or six rescue dogs, three donkeys, a couple chickens, and a huge pig. She also has many different plants and trees. She let us explore her house and yard, and the younger kids got to ride the donkeys.

Bertram (Jenny's helper) gives donkey rides
Bertram offers us coconut water

She also took us to a small river on her property, where we could cool off. We had a fantastic potluck lunch, with lots of wonderful food. I had a great time, and I would go back any time I was welcome. The pictures convey some of the magic of this beautiful place.

More pics below!

Cocoa tree
200 year old mango tree
Bertram gets down coconuts

Jenny's bedroom
Stored wine bottles used for juice
Decorative tarantulas

Table full of quirky stuff
The main living area

A bedroom off the porch
The lower level under her house

A banana tree
Priscilla the pig