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October 22, 2015

by Cash
At Anchor, Mt. Hartman Bay, Grenada

Getting ready to go play paintball.
Cruising kids are great. It might be that we are often desperate for other kids our own age, it might be that we are quite a small group of kids having the same rare experience, but we tend to bond very well. We're always willing to welcome new kids into our group, and we get along great together.

This can make goodbyes hard. But one of the nice parts of cruising is that a goodbye is not always final. There's always the chance that we'll meet whoever is leaving at another island somewhere down the line. It's getting to be that time in Grenada when people start to leave to sail elsewhere. This last week, we said goodbye to two kid boats.

The first kid-boat to leave was Three Little Birds, with three kids: Annabelle, 11; Oliver, 13; and Finn, 14. They definitely know how to have fun, and we're all sad that they're gone. Here's a video of their goodbye ceremony.

The second boat to leave was Traveller. They have two kids: Hayden, 8; and Kaci, 9. Despite the major age
difference between our group and them, they've still managed have fun with us. We've been traveling with them for a while, and it's weird to think that they're gone. Here are their goodbyes.

Here are some more pictures of our kid friends.

Some of my friends here in Mt. Hartman Bay in Grenada. This was taken at an abandoned
hotel where we hang out that we call The Bat House (because it has bats in it.)

Some friends on the dock here at Mt. Hartman Bay Grenada.

Easter breakfast on board Twentse Meid back in St. Martin

A playground in The Saints (Martinique)

Dad conducting a game of Diplomacy among the kids in Grenada. (This was part of my history studies).

Hanging in the cockpit of Twentse Meid back in St. Martin.