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Leaving Our Mark

June 16, 2016

by Paula
Nassau, Bahamas

Battling mosquitoes with each step past low shrubs and craggy limestone, we made our way up Boo Boo Hill. This well-known spot on Warderick Wells shares the cay with the small headquarters building of the Exuma Land and Sea Park. This low rise was named for the sailors who were shipwrecked here. Legend has it that their ghostly singing can be heard on a still night. At the crest of this small hill lies a large pile of driftwood and other objects, adorned with visiting boat names. Just like the first time we visited, we were ready to leave our mark.

In the beautiful scenery and pristine waters through which we've traveled, we have practiced the "take only photographs, leave only footprints" adage. However, in a few spots, we've had the chance to leave a little bit our ourselves behind.

At JR's Bistro in the Dominican Republic, Nicole drew our logo on the signing wall where we spent many an evening during the hurricane season.

When we sailed through in 2013, Greg carved Daystar’s name onto a piece of fan coral he found on the eastern side of the cay using a piece of sea-glass. We added it to the pile amidst the other mementos on Boo Boo Hill.

We donated a hand-made Puerto Rican flag to hang with the others at the Sal Pa Dentro restaurant in Salinas, Puerto Rico.

We met Elisa and Rudolf on Tulum III in Georgetown in the Bahamas, and spent hurricane season 2014 with them in Luperon. They invited us to sign their mast, a tradition they started years before.

At Big Sand Cay in the Turks & Caicos, we wrote our personal catch phrase, sung by radio show host Rhett Palmer, in the soft, fine sand. This mark was washed away by the gentle strokes of the waves.

Back on Boo Boo Hill as we return to the US through the beautiful Bahamian island, we, again, leave our mark. This time we created a wooden sign, each taking a turn to craft our message.

How fun it was to place it among others, whose boat names called out to us the many friendships we have made during our time out here.

Our time at sea has been an amazing journey in which one thing is for certain: it has left its mark on us.