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Squeeze in, Don't Crush the Mangos

September 23, 2015

by Nicole
At anchor, Mt.Hartman Bay, Grenada

Do you ever wish your kids would do your errands for you and show up with a week’s worth of groceries? Well, here in Grenada, we do.

We are anchored in Mt. Hartman Bay, Grenada, where many cruisers spend hurricane season. It is a 45 minute walk to the nearest town, and just about the only things here are a marina, a restaurant/bar, and a volleyball court.

A view of Mt. Hartman Bay, Grenada

We cruisers can’t go too long without food. Because of this, twice a week, locals driving shopping buses take people to the nearby town to go to places like the bank, the grocery store, and other services.

But the buses aren’t exactly buses. They are 4-row vans that are supposed to fit 14 people.

Another view of Mt. Hartman Bay, Grenada
Sometimes more are crammed in there, plus the groceries people have bought. Once we fit 21 people and a dog and also the driver into a bus to go on a hiking trip to a waterfall.

One of the shopping buses

Every Friday, a group of us cruiser kids take the 9:00 AM shopping bus to go to the grocery store. Sometimes parents
go too, and we help them buy the food, but sometimes it is just us kids buying food for our families for the week. My mom gives me a list and sometimes it’s hard to find the right items, but it is still very fun.

This was taken by a local woman who commented, "This goes to show that all teenagers aren't useless!"

Most foods are expensive here, but local fruits and veggies are very cheap.

Emma buys apples

Ally and I at the fruit & veggie shop

Elliot buys boxed milk

Each shopping trip we get to buy some snacks to eat. We buy Jamaican meat pies from the grocery store bakery. The grocery store is located in a little mall that has a small food court. After getting groceries, we get smoothies made with tropical fruits and other flavors from a food court shop . Then we hang out, eating our meat pies and drinking smoothies, while we wait to take the last bus home.

After the grocery store, the bus stops at a fruit market and a bulk store before getting back to the marina at about 1:00 PM. We load our groceries into the dinghy and drive home to the boat.

This weekly trip makes me feel like we have a lot of independence here. We can take the bus and go grocery shopping without a parent coming along, which I don't think we could do back home. This has become a weekly tradition that I enjoy very much!

Unknown said...

Hi Cass, Good to catch your post here, I've not been on G+ in ages. We've had a bit of an adventure with Haiti, Cuba then back around the south coast of the DR. I've developed a bad hearing problem, which has robbed me of my music, and conversation. Don't know if there's a fix, trying to get to see an ENT specialist but cruising makes that tricky. Running low on funds off to BVI and the ST Martin where maybe we'll find some work to top up our budget enough to stay afloat, Love to all on board