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Jammin' at Lagoonies

January 28, 2016

by Cash
At anchor, St. Martin

I've already had a chance to play for an audience once before, in a cruisers' bar/restaurant in the Dominican Republic. Recently, I had the chance to do it again!

Every Monday night at Lagoonies, a bar/restaurant here in St. Martin, there is a jam session. A band sets up and plays a few songs, and anyone who wants to play can have a turn. I put together four songs with my friend Kate, off of the boat Discovery, to play at one of these jam sessions.
Our plan was to get up there and play our songs, but it worked out better than we thought. The band backed us up, as did our good friend Gary, from Neptune II, playing the saxophone. They were all very talented, and it sounded amazing!

Thanks to all that showed up and a cheered for us, thanks to the band and Gary for supporting us, and thanks to Kate for playing with me. Also, a special thanks to all the kids for dancing in the back.

I had such a great time! I hope you enjoy watching us.

Update: The first video I posted had a lag between the audio and the video. This is corrected now.

Thanks to Lagoonies for the pictures: