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Suriname Lightship

January 29, 2016

by Cash 
Lagune de Marigot, St. Martin

While we were in Suriname, we went to the Nieuw Amsterdam Outdoor Museum Suriname and saw a variety of things. One of the craziest was an old, run-down lightship.

A lightship is a ship (generally not a sailboat) that was used basically as a portable lighthouse. A big light was strung up on the ship, and the ship would position itself near land.

You'll notice the lightship is not exactly in the sea. In fact, it's in a marshy lake surrounded by land. We have no idea how it got there.

Somebody had placed a walkway of rickety wooden planks so that we could get up to the deck of the ship and explore. Had we been in the US, I'm sure we would are have been allowed on it.

Here are the pictures we took: